Elke dag blijf ik dit plaatsen Manja Croiset

OUTRAGEOUS  because of  speeching Haneen Zoabi. KRISTALLNACHT November the 9th 2105 © Manja Croiset

The average man worldwide thinks Jews are dominating; there are only 13 million of them 0,2%. Less than the complete population in the Netherlands. The Arabs more than 1 billion, 20%! These misjudgments certainly influence the attitude of politicians and anti-Semitism. And Israël doesn’t exist because of Zionists. The Survivors of the SHOAH were not welcome in their homelands so they became refugees and a lot of them were killed on their flight to Palestine. You survived an INFERNO and you are murdered anyway. Does Obama know, does our M.P. know? How many people do know about this? The Palestinian problem is not because of the Jews, but from the Arabic countries. The Palestine’s who stayed in Israël have had for decades a better life than the refugees in the Arabic countries . After a lot of wars not started by the Palestine’s, but the Arab Countries, the position of the Palestine’s worsened and after all this The Intifada started. And the ‘civilian war’ Jews contra Palestine’s. Why I am sitting over here while I belong in my bed because of my severe illness? And people who are loving me are worried about me, do say. You have to be your own priority. At last I thought I am ready to do so.

I HEARD OF THE ANTI JEWISH  SPEECH OF HANEEN ZOABI ( AN ARABIC ISRAELI) ON MEMORIAL DAY FROM THE KRISTALLNACHT NOVEMBER the 9 IN AMSTERDAM I AM OUTRAGEOUS AND HAVE TO. Still people are going to call me SELFISH, yesterday was someone saying I never had met a such a woman like you who has such a depressive influence as you right under the beautiful photo’s. We have never seen each other. What does she know about me and the world. LUCKY WOMAN I AM NOT DEPRESSING PEOPLE, MAN ‘KIND’ IS.


I do know my English is not good enough, but I am fighting not for me but for THE HUMAN RIGHTS.


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